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Mercury Microwave Inc. represented suppliers provide solutions to facilitate your RF & Microwave designs from Baseband to Antenna; including DC Power conditioning, EMI/RFI conditioning and RF Test equipment.

• Solutions from chip & wire applications to fully integrated subsystems
• Frequencies from DC to 67GHz
• Output Power levels from ~0dBm to 54.7dBm/300W

Please contact us to discuss your technical requirements.

RF & Microwave cable assemblies, custom connectors, custom adapters and custom RF Coaxial Transformers; evissaP offers custom products, standard products and build-to-print (private label) services; cost effective and short lead time with many standard coaxial cable assemblies in stock.
Mag Layers
Molded and Wirewound Power Inductors, Multilayer chip inductors and chip beads, LAN Magnetics, LTCC RF Passives, Antenna products. ISO9001, QS9000, ISO14001, and TS16949 certified.

Massachusetts Bay Technologies
RF/Microwave silicon diodes from 100Hz up to and including millimeter wave;  tuning and multiplier Varactors, Step Recovery Diodes, PIN, Limiter, Point Contact, Schottky mixer/detector diodes.

Mercury Systems - Micronetics
Ultra Low Noise SMT VCO’s from 10 MHz to 7 GHz; Enon Microwave Control Components, Integrated Microwave Assemblies, High Power PIN Diode Switches and Limiters, Mica Microwave Isolators & Circulators to 40GHz, linear and ultra-linear power amplifiers for commercial and military applications.

MicroWave Technology
RF & Microwave Discrete Semiconductor Products, GaAs and GaN RF Power Amplifiers, Low Noise pHEMT devices, MMICs, Wireless Amplifiers, Hybrid Modules, and Connectorized Microwave Amplifiers.

Passive Plus
Broadband Capacitors; 0402BB103, 0402BB104, 0201BB104 (Au or Sn terminations) and 1005BB104 for Optoelectronics / high-speed data, ROSA/TOSA, SONETS, Broadband test equipment, Broadband microwave/millimeter wave amplifiers and oscillators. HI-Q, High Power NPO & Low ESR Chip Ceramic Capacitors in A, B, C, D, E & EIA case sizes available in Non-Magnetic; Hi- Q Variable Non-Magnetic Capacitors available in 2 case sizes with tuning ranges from 1pF to 180pF.

Shoulder Electronics
SAW Filters, Saw Resonators, Multilayer chip LC Filters, Ceramic Filters, Ceramic Resonators, Quartz Crystals, Crystal Filters and Clock Oscillators.

Southwest Microwave
High performance, Commercial, Hi-Rel and Space Qualified RF & Microwave coax Connectors and Adapters, Waveguide Launch Connectors, End Launch Assemblies; SMA, SSMA, Super SMA (27 GHz, 1650C), N, TNC, 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 2.40mm, 1.85mm, 1mm and 0.9mm / SSBP interfaces.

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